Freqently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find a list of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us with your question.

Who Benefits from the Festival

VOLUNTEERS: Our Volunteers (some you see, some you don’t) are not compensated in any way for their time. The mission of our non-profit organization is to donate 100% of our proceeds to charitable organizations in our small, rural county.

FINANCIALLY: You are sure to find a special interest in this partial list of community organizations who receive donations from the Festival: Sullivan County’s Volunteer Fire Companies; our County’s Volunteer Ambulance Associations; Youth Groups; Community Service Groups; Community Civic Groups; School Groups.

Is the Festival Handicap Accessible?

ACCESSIBILITY: Our lower grounds and lower target areas are all accessible, as are the registration booth, concession stand, souvenir booth, restrooms, and most vendor booths. The three mountainside trails and the upper parking lot are dependent upon the disability. (We do have a tractor-pulled seating wagon available to and from the upper parking lot). We have a very limited number of handicapped-designated parking spaces on the lower grounds.

We plan to increase the number of handicapped parking spaces and have a solution for a designated “drop off” location so a handicapped individual can exit a vehicle before the vehicle goes to park up “on the hill” if the hill tractor shuttle is not an option for the individual.

DROP OFF LOCATION: As you enter the main gate, drive down to the right behind the Concession Stand. Just before the Barn (there will be a large gate on your right), pull off slightly to the left out of the traffic lane and drop off your passenger there. Safely pull back into the traffic lane and continue up to the hill to park.

Do You Permit Dogs?

SERVICE DOGS: Absolutely! Our favorite! Service dogs are trained, well-behaved, under control by their owners, and are welcome attendees.

ALL OTHER DOGS: We prefer well-trained, obedient dogs who are well adjusted to crowds, small children, and other animals.


LEASH: All dogs must be attended on a leash at all times by the owner or a friend.

SHOOTING LINES: No pets are permitted on the shooting lines or on the trails with the exception of Service Dogs.

CLEAN UP: All owners are responsible for clean up and removal of “necessary business” of their pet.

PLEASE be responsible and considerate of other participants. If your pet is creating a disturbance, or if we notice you are not cleaning up, we reserve the right to ask you to remove your pet from the grounds.

What are the Shooting Distances for the Youth Competition?

We have six age groups for the Youth Shoot; 0-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, and 14-15. The youngest folks shoot at no more than five (5) yards and the distance progresses by age up to approximately 20 yards for the oldest group. As distances increase, the targets decrease in size.

Can You Increase Vendor Variety?

The majority of attendees prefer vendors in keeping with the theme of the Festival. Our contract calls for vendor products to be archery, hunting, nature, and out-door activities related. Even our ‘craft oriented’ vendors are required to provide wildlife products and/or a little “must have” item for the hunting cabin or club.

Do YOU have a suggestion for a specific vendor? Please contact us. We welcome your input.